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[DVD Review (R2)] CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 10


CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is one of those shows that I love watching. I even enjoy the New York based spin off, but not so much CSI: Miami. So I’d seen all of these episodes when they originally aired on TV here in the UK. Which leaves me asking the question, “would I enjoy them as much a second time, while watching them on DVD?”.

You’re just going to have to read my review to find out, aren’t you?Plot

Season 10 of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation once again tells the stories of the Las Vegas crime lab as they pore over the evidence left behind at the scenes of crimes in Las Vegas, using all of their skills to analysis the evidence to enable them to catch the criminals responsible.

During this season the CSI’s have to not only deal with crimes involving decapitated heads at bowling alleys, casino robberies and the disturbing work of a mysterious figure dubbed “Dr. Jekyll” by the team because of his twisted experiments on his victims but Dr Langston (Laurence Fishburne) also ends up following a case from Miami to New York & finally back to Las Vegas in a trilogy that will bring together all 3 of the CSI teams/franchises.


One thing that always amazes me with the CSI franchise is the attention to detail & care that the whole show, from the producers to the directors & the writers & cast, put in on each episode. It can be argued that if you’ve seen one episode of CSI then you’ve seen them all, but that isn’t the case at all – and it never ceases to amaze me the imginative & original ways they can come up with someone to die. You’d think you’d have seen it all by now, but even in it’s tenth season CSI can stun you with it’s originality.

After the ninth season, and the departure of series original Gil Grissom, it felt like a void had been created in the team, one which I wasn’t sure that Dr Langstom, the character played by Lawrence Fishburne, would be able to fill but during this season he’s grown into the role and become an integral part of the team, and not just a “Grissom-lite” character that I feared he might be.

Also in this season it was nice to once again see Sara Sidle (played once again by Jorja Fox) return to the team to help out after the departure of Riley at the beginning of the season. The interactions between her & the rest of the cast show what CSI is – a family as much as it is a team & it’s this obvious bond between the characters (and actors) that makes you not only care about them but also about the cases they investigate. You cannot help but get caught up in investigations that seem to affect the characters you are investing so much in, and this makes it such an enjoyable TV show that it is not surprising that it’s as successful as it is.

As you would expect with CSI it’s not just the acting & storytelling that’s top notch, but the special effects (be it the recreation of a crime or the autopsy or something else entirely) are among the best you’re going to see on TV anywhere – once again, a testament to the attention to detail of the production of the show.

Also included on the discs are two bonus episodes, from CSI: Miami & CSI: New York, which make up the “CSI Trilogy” storyline where Langstom travels to Miami & then New York on an investigation which culminates in Las Vegas. I was very glad about this, as otherwise the final part of the story wouldn’t have really made any sense.

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As a fan of CSI I can say that I was quite happy to sit down & revist the 10th season once more. It looks good on DVD, as CSI has always had a very high production value, and is certainly worth picking up for fans of the show.

There isn’t anything here that will convert you if you’re not already a fan, but for those of us who are this is an essential addition to the collection.

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