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deathraceinfernoThe sequel to the prequel of the 2008 remake of the 1975 classic, Death Race Inferno has the task of finishing up the story of the original Frankenstein. But is it any good?


Carl Lucas (Luke Goss) is known as Frankenstein to the fans of the brutal prison sport known as Death Race. With only one victory standing between him and the promise of freedom for himself & his dedicated team – Goldberg (Danny Trejo), Lists (Fred Koehler) and Katrina (Tanit Phoenix) – he suddenly finds himself in the middle of his most vicious competition yet as the Death Race goes global & he is transported to the Kalahari to take part in the first ever desert Death Race.

With powerful forces behind the scenes trying to ensure his defeat, and even more ruthless adversaries on the race track in front of him, can Lucas find a way to survive this deadly test?


Sometimes it’s nice to sit back & watch a film that just does what it says on the tin. You know what you are in for with a film like Death Race Inferno, and I have to say it delivers on it’s promise. There are car crashes, numerous fights, more blood than your local blood bank & characters that speak in tough guy cliche.

But for all that, I enjoyed the hell out of it! The racing is exciting, with enough suspense to keep you guessing as to the outcome (and how exactly they are going to finally tie the film into the original Death Race from 2008) and when there isn’t vehicular carnage onscreen you are never far away from a bloody fight.

At the same time it does satirise the current trend of more & more extreme reality TV on our screens, and it’s not a huge stretch to imagine a world where something like the Death Race  becomes a possibility, but thankfully it never tries too hard to make a huge statement in this regard.

Instead, it concentrates on delivering a fitting finale for the character of Carl Lucas, with Luke Goss once again showing that he is a capable action hero & more than believable when he is beating someone to a pulp – which for those of us old enough to remember him in his Bros days is still quite surprising!

He is given a worthy foil in the form of despicable Niles York, played with relish by Dougray Scott, who seems to really enjoy playing a villain that is pure hammy magic. But once again the standout is Danny Trejo, who once again delivers another fitting performance as the likeable but deadly Goldberg.

Director Roel Reiné knows what his audience expects, and thankfully doesn’t deviate too far from that. He handles the plentiful action scenes with aplomb & brings out the best in the talented cast.

No, it’s not a classic in the making but it is what it is – an enjoyable action film that doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

Video And Audio

The Blu-Ray delivers a crystal clear picture with deep blacks in the underground scenes & vibrant colours in the desert. It truly does look lovely, especially when the blood is flying across the screen in slow motion.

As for the sound, as you would expect it is a ear bashing experience with huge explosions & growling engines blaring from your speakers in an audio assault on the senses.

Closing Credits

I’ll be honest, the Death Race series of films are never going to worry the Academy Awards or anything like that, but for good old fashioned balls out action & thrills they more than deliver.

Check your brain at the door, sit down with some popcorn & enjoy the spectacle. Just don’t expect to remember much about it by the next day.

An enjoyable slice of hokum.


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