Stale Popcorn » Fairly Legal Debuts On Universal Channel On The 10th Of April

Fairly Legal Debuts On Universal Channel On The 10th Of April


A new legal drama debuts on Universal Channel here in the UK on the 10th of April, called Fairly Legal, and as I’ve been sent a trailer for it, I thought I’d share it with you all.

Here’s the official synopsis:



She’s a gorgeous hotshot legal eagle – but she’s got a human side.  She’s come to hate the cutthroat conflicts of the courtroom.

Aided by her powers of empathy, legal savvy and wry sense of humour, she’s passionately pursuing a much more positive way of resolving those bitter disputes that can tear lives apart.

Meet Kate Reed, the mediator.

Kate’s quit the courtroom to pursue justice from a completely new angle – and it’s going to take every bit of her considerable skills to succeed. Because with complex cases, a ‘wicked stepmother’ boss and a complicated relationship with her estranged husband to contend with, both in and out of the office, Kate’s life is…well, let’s just say, ever so slightly complicated…

Fairly Legal is on Sundays at 8pm on the Universal Channel, premiering on 10th April.

And here’s the trailer I promised you. Enjoy.

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