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TR2N! Or If You’re Not L33t – TRON 2!!


Tron is a classic. It’s still a brilliant movie, and one I pop into my DVD player when I have nothing better to watch, and for a long time there has been talk of a sequel with nothing much materialising but those lucky punters at the SD Comic-Con who attended the Disney panel which was meant to be promoting Race To Witch Mountain got a shock and a half when they debuted finished footage from the sequel, now officially called Tr2n which is going to star Jeff Bridges! Considering no news on this had been reported anywhere, that’s one hell of a secret to have kept! Here’s a description of what was shown, courtesy of MTV Movie Blog:

- The Disney logo appears and quickly seems to get digitized.

– We pan over ominous clouds into a digital city landscape only to find a man in a updated “Tron” costume. He’s on the run.

– The man jumps into a brand new 2008 version of the familiar light cycle.

– And a huge chase ensues with a pursuer in a dark mask after our racer. Unlike cycle races of old this one goes up and down AND side to side.

– The chased man is vanquished, crashing horrible. As the pursuer gets off his cycle he pulls a familiar disc from his back. The winner looks up to a previously unseen observer.

– And the observer is…Jeff Bridges! An older (and now evil) Flynn?!? He rises from a meditative state in his watchtower to see the pursuer do his bidding.

– The vanquished man pleads to his pursuer. “It’s just a game!” And then the final big reveal: the pursuer takes off his helmet and he is also Bridges, a seemingly younger Bridges!

Oh hell yeah! Evil Flynn! Good younger Flynn! Updated light cycles!

God I want to see this footage!! As soon as it pops up online (which I’m sure it will eventually) I’ll let you know. In the mean time prepare to go back to the Tron universe sometime.

[Source – MTV Movies Blog]

16 thoughts on “TR2N! Or If You’re Not L33t – TRON 2!!

  1. Gazz

    I do want to, honest. It’s just fate has always dealt me a cruel blow when it comes to this movie – I taped it as a kid and the recording didn’t work, bank holiday showings on TV subsequently passed my attention, I can never seem to find the DVD cheap enough to invest it, etc. etc.

    But, no, I’ve never seen TRON!

  2. Gazz

    AICN have the footage, allegedly. You can see it here in EXTREMELY piss poor quality:

    I’m intrigued.

    Kristina – see you on the unemployment line babe! ;)

  3. Gazz

    I’m still ashamed to admit I don’t “get” the headline of this article though. “L33t”? :blush:

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  5. Wesley Willis

    9422, 1’|v| 5022j ‘/0(_) )0 |\|07 5|*34|< 1337.

  6. Gazz

    I bought it for £3.99 online on the say so of my fellow “Stalees”. IT BETTER BE BLOODY GOOD! That was the money I normally keep aside for my monthly treat of a KFC value meal, now that I’m back in boxing training :cry:

    I’m curiously looking forward to watching it though, I have to say. lol

  7. Gazz

    You haven’t steered me wrong on a flick before I have to say.

    Asides from some of the straight to DVD drek you recommend…

    … And that gay porno and…

    …Well, USUALLY you’re very good! HA HA

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