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The Full GRINDHOUSE Experience Is Coming To The UK!


Many people were disappointed after it was decided that the two movies that made up Grindhouse, Planet Terror and Death Proof, would be split and shown separately around the World. Until now that is.

Well, if you live in the UK and can make it to somewhere showing it. Yes, the two movies are going to be shown, complete with the “fake” trailers, and the first showing will be at the Prince Charles cinema in London, introduced by none other than Edgar Wright himself, on March 8th ahead of the print being made available to cinemas from March 23.

It will also be shown at the Glasgow FrightFest on February 23rd.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to be shown at every single cinema in the UK. The print will be available if cinema’s want to show it in a limited run, late night screenings or as a one off as this isn’t being treated as a new release. Which means that I, living in the back end of beyond, probably won’t be able to see this as it was intended which is a bit of a shame.

But keep an eye on your local cinema listings to  see if somewhere near you will be showing Grindhouse.

Tickets for the Edgar Wright presentation are not yet available but should be by the end of the week by calling 0870 811 2559.

[Source – IGN]

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