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Nolan Talks All Things BATMAN – Officially!!


Check out this really good three part interview with Christopher Nolan.

Get the skinny on what his current mindset is regarding Part Three (‘Batman Begins A Dark Night Again’ – there’s my suggestion!), his favourite scene in the whole movie and why he doesn’t think Marvel style crossovers is something that would work for him!

Read the official word before its all taken out of context and the blogs light up with misdirected quotes about Nolan saying “no” to a third movie or “hating” Marvel or whatever!

One thought on “Nolan Talks All Things BATMAN – Officially!!

  1. Kristina

    Honestly, TDK JUST came out a few months ago. I feel a little bad for Nolan. Yes, his movie made ridiculous bank, but how can he shoot the next one with the studio and the public whining, gossiping, going on and on about whether this next one can be as good as TDK, yada yada yada?

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