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New STAR TREK Posters!


I’m not a Star Trek fan at all, so these new posters do absolutely nothing for me.  Some guys are staring at me.  Big deal.  Maybe these posters will do something for you guys.  for all of the buzz going around online, I’m honestly not too interested in this movie, although the prescence of Pegg does raise my interest a slight notch.  I think that the true test that this franchise will face is whether it can bring in a new audience, like yours truly, for example.  Though I must say, that Kirk ain’t hard to look at…

Spock on the other hand…sheesh, man.  Quinto is creepy enough as Sylar on Heroes, but those eyebrows are going to give me nightmares if I watch this movie.  Star Trek hits theaters in May 2009.

16 thoughts on “New STAR TREK Posters!


    im still pissed hes wearing a black shirt.

    simon pegg looked badass in the pics…he had a hard face on which is weird because im used to seeing him and laugh at his expression…but he looked like he meant business


    well the shirt colors supposed to be yellow!
    people KNOW kirk as the yellos shirt captain guy (oh and apperantly he wont even be a captain in the movie)
    youtube or google kirk or ask a treck fan to draw him and youll SEE yellow shirt.
    i mean…what if in 20 years they make a spiderman movie and he wears purple tights saying ACDC on it instead of the spider logo…id be ****ing pissed!
    and then people will say “ah its just the tights color…the things some people get mad at…”

    the black shirt is WAY better then the yellow one, but kirk IS a yellow shirt wearer! and fans will recognize him better



    no because wolverine changing from a yellow ballerina spandex to a tank top is different then kirk having the same exact shirt being changed to another color for no apperant reason

  4. Gazz

    But you don’t know whether its any better or worse a costume development then what they did in XMEN? One picture does not, a movie, make!

  5. Kristina

    Hazzy, ask yourself this question: is the color of a shirt integral to Kirk’s personality? If he had the “correct” color shirt and then took the shirt off in a scene, would his personality radically change because the shirt is gone? I understand fans wanting to preserve as much of the past as possible, but this is a little much. I really think that the shirt is not that big of an issue. Star Trek fans should be worrying more about the quality of the film as a whole and not all of this minutia over a shirt.

    And Wolvie changing his uniform is the EXACT SAME THING as this Kirk business, Hazzy. It IS the same thing. Wolvie’s yellow outfit is his signature outfit in the comics, much like Kirk’s yellow shirt, and when the costumes changed in X-Men, people had a shit fit. Now, no one cares, and people even concede that the yellow spandex would have looked absurd onscreen.

    Besides, JJ said that the black shirt is only TEMPORARY IN THE MOVIE. Meaning that you’ll get your yellow shirt. Calm down B)

  6. Kristina

    I cannot stress enough how much the Wolvie/Kirk thing is the same. You said “people KNOW kirk as the yellos shirt captain guy (oh and apperantly he wont even be a captain in the movie)
    youtube or google kirk or ask a treck fan to draw him and youll SEE yellow shirt.”

    Ask any fan of the X-Men comics to draw Wolverine, they’ll draw him in that yellow suit. Doesn’t make the X-Men films any less enjoyable.

  7. Gazz

    Anyway, Abrams has done exactly what he set out to do — I’m no STAR TREK fan, I’ve never seen an episode or any of the films, but I’m intrigued and a little excited to see this because of his casting choices and what I have seen of it – so getting the “non fans” in is working well for him!

  8. Christine

    Um, guys? The reason Kirk’s in black is because he wasn’t a Captain yet. ;3

    He hadn’t reached that point during the.. like.. first part of ST: XI. Soyeah. ^^

    ~ That’s my two cents!

  9. Kristina Post author

    I think we can officially put the yellow shirt debate to rest. The latest trailer shows a clear shot of Kirk at the 1:30 mark saying “buckle up” in the yellow shirt, so hopefully, fans will stop this ruckus and just judge the film on its own merits.

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