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Kristina Asks For Some Prayers


This has zippo to do with movies, but I need to ask you guys for some prayers for my little sister, Elizabeth.  Today, one of her dear friends from high school was killed in a horrible car accident, and her other friend in the car is in a hospital in Chapel Hill, NC in critical condition.  My sis is devastated right now, and I’m not sure what to do to help her, so could you guys please just keep her in your thoughts?  She’s known these people for years, and she’s a complete mess right now.

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  1. Phil Gee

    Consider me praying Kristina.

    I too, have lost a friend to that fate though I doubt it was as sudden and horrible as what has happened to your sister. I reunited with a high school friend after being away for 3 years at University and, when equiring the whereabouts of some of my other old friends, discovered one had been killed in a car crash and that was the first i’d heard of it.

    I can only offer the following advice (and it comes from someone who is very spiritually inclined): Firstly, though i’m sure it goes without saying, be there for her; just be close by at all times. Even if she doesn’t want anything from you, it makes all the difference to someone just knowing that you ARE there to support her.

    Secondly, and this is where the spiritual bit comes in, I do believe in Heaven. I believe that your sister’s friend is in a good place right now and is able to watch over her. If she can do so the what would she want to see? I know that the last thing she would want is to see your sister in utter dispair.

    I know its not easy to do. You just can’t deal with such loss overnight and move on. It does take time to get use to the insanity of having known someone so long and have that life gone in an instant before you can get used to the idea of not having that person be a part of your life. The way I would get by is by reminding myself that I was a part of that life, however small. That I knew a great person and was able to contribute a fair few moments of happiness to their, far too brief, life, as all good friends should. I hope that helps her in some way.

    My thoughts will be with you, your sister and her friend till you tell me that all is well again.

  2. Kristina Post author

    It’s just a bad, bad day in our house. One minute I’m in my room, next I hear her screaming in her room. She’d just gotten the call from another of her friends. She’s known both of the boys involved in the wreck for a while, and I’ve even met these kids a few times. Her other friend has been upgraded to fair condition in the hospital, but even still, he’s gonna have to deal with the fact that he was speeding and caused that crash and thus his friend’s death. Not only that, but they plowed into somebody house and destroyed it. When he leaves the hospital, he will probably get charged with involuntary manslaughter and destruction of property and get jail time.

    The crash was on the damn news, and one of the boys’ friends who was in another car was covered in his friends’ blood. He’d tried to pull them out of the car after the wreck happened. My sister spoke to him on the phone, and this kid was at his friend’s side when he died. It’s just a terrible, terrible time right now.

  3. Phil Gee

    God damn, that’s a mess.

    For some reason, I assumed the victims were female. Like I say, i’m really thinking about your family and the victims right now. Nobody deserves such a heap of shit to deal with.

  4. Gareth

    Kris, consider your sis & yourself in my thoughts. There’s never a good way to loose friends but some ways do seem worse than others. Sorry.

  5. Gazz

    Woah! Kris you are most definitely in my thoughts and, thanks to one of my closest friends being a priest, a blessing has most definitely been given to your sister, yourself and her friends.

    We can all wax lyrical in this here talkbalk until the cows come home but nothing will ever come close to touching on the emotional pain your sister and her friends will be going through right now.

    My thoughts are with you and your sister!

  6. Gazz

    Is there anything we can do within the “little community” we have here?

    I mean I’m ignorant to just how easy such things are, but can we put together a collection or something for your sister and her friends to get them started on building some sort of memorial or something?

    It’ll take a more intelligent person then me to orchestrate the practicalities of such a thing but I would very much like to put the idea out there and get the ball rolling?

  7. Kristina

    I appreciate the kind offer, but it’s really not necessary. The family has already been inundated with support from their late son’s high school and the community. As for my sister, she’s doing much better. Going to see her other friends and talking to them has lifted her spirits. All that I will accept from you guys are prayers and good thoughts. She’s going to be alright, but it shook her up a LOT. She’s honestly afraid to drive her car right now because she thinks she’s going to have flashbacks of her friend’s accident while she drives.

  8. Gazz

    I once had a bad VAN HELSING cinematic flashback whilst watching the TV version of VAN HELSING recently :blush:

    Not entirely comparable I know but the ex-copper in me cannot help but try and bring a bit of humour to the situation to try and lighten the dark emotional turmoil that all involved might be suffering right now!

  9. Abdur

    home alone 5? woohoo .. those crazy thveeis shouldnt try to enter his home again absouletly they shouldnt. i dont wanna think about what will happen woohooo

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