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James Vanderbilt Talks About Writing SPIDER-MAN 4


In a recent interview with BlogTalkRadio James Vanderbilt, the writer behind David Fincher’s Zodiac, has spoken a little bit about coming on board as the writer for Spider-Man 4:

“I went in on that. I really loved the films,” Vanderbilt said. “It’s sort of an odd process because you’re sitting down with the people who made the first three and going, ‘Well let me tell you what to do.’

“But I was lucky enough that they were interested in me and I’m a huge fan of those movies, so we closed that up right before the strike. Once the strike’s over I get to go to work,” he added.

I admit it’s not much, but the news that he had been hired to take over the reigns of the latest entry in the franchise has made some (me included) hope that they were going to concentrate some more on the characters than they did in Spider-Man 3 and I really do hope that this is what he delivers, rather than continuing with the current trend of the franchise and throwing all the villains they can at the screen.

And please, for the love of everything, no dance numbers this time!

To listen to the entire show, which also features an interview with Fanboys director Kyle Newman and co-star Chris Marquette click here.

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