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Introduction To The Stale Popcorn Rating System


So if you check out my reviews of Tekkon Kinkreet and Paprika below you might well see a “rating system” has been implemented at the bottom of the review – it was something that I was thinking about doing for a little while and I have now taken the site wide decision to start it. So I thought I better explain it a little. :)

Basically the system runs from 1 – 5 but we’re not talking “stars” here! Oh no! We’re talking about the much more important and prestigious “Pop-Corns”!

So how’s it work? Here’s how it’s going to break down:

1 Pop-Corn

If a movie gets one Pop-Corn then it sucks. Plain and simple. We’re probably talking Alone In The Dark territory here.

2 Pop-Corns

Two Pop-Corns means that, while it’s not the shittiest thing out there, it could have been oh so much better. Kind of like The Hills Have Eyes II (2007)

3 Pop-Corns

Three Pop-Corns means that you’re going to be getting a good time. It might not be the best movie in the world but it will keep you entertained. Think movies like Fifth Element or The Day After Tomorrow.

4 Pop-Corns

Getting to the top, we have Four Pop-Corns. This is getting good now. A Four Pop-Corn movie means that, while it might not be perfect, it’s still freakin’ good! Think Hellboy, The Warriors or The Matrix.

5 Pop-Corns

And finally we get Five Pop-Corns. This is the best. The bees-knees. The dogs testicles. The fucking best! Think Die Hard, Aliens, Batman Begins or Serenity. You know with a Five Pop-Corn movie you are going to see a visual treat. (obviously all movies ratings mentioned here are entirely subjective and you might have your own versions)

I hope you like the new rating system. As always you can let us know what you think of this, or any other aspect of the site, either in the comments sections or via email.


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