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Intriguing Image From IRON MAN 2 Appears Online


I have no idea where got this image from, but they have revealed a very interesting never-before seen image from the just completed Iron Man 2 – and I’ll be perfectly honest when I say that it could well be one of the BIG reveals of the movie.

If you want to know what could be in store for one of the characters……keep on reading.

You see, the image that they have revealed, which seems to be from a magazine spread of some kind, shows Pepper Potts, as played by Gwyneth Paltrow, with a rather interesting item on her arm. Check it out below:


I really wish I could see what that text in the corner says….

So why is this so interesting? What, you mean apart from showing Pepper Potts apparently being fitted with a suit of armour?

Y’see, in the comics Pepper Potts was fitted with a magnet in her chest after a major physical trauma, along the lines of the Arc Reactor Tony Stark has in the first movie, and has beome a hero called “Rescue” and is dressed in a form of armour very reminiscent of Iron Man himself (see pic below).


So, does this mean that we are going to get not only Iron Man, Whiplash and War Machine in Iron Man 2 but we are also going to see the debut of Rescue? It makes sense, especially when you take Gwyneth Paltrow’s comments that she was involved in a big action scene into consideration.

Who knows. All I do know is that I am looking forward to seeing what comes out of Comic-Con this week regarding Iron Man 2!


26 thoughts on “Intriguing Image From IRON MAN 2 Appears Online


    I am speechless.

    I think im hyperventilating.

    I want to see a scene with Gwyneth Paltrow KILLING ScarJo…like..BRUTALLY beating the **** out of her

    And im not saying it to fulfill some sick girl vs girl fantasy, no- im saying this because i HATE Johanson with a PASSION. That ****ing BITCH. I want Gwyneth to thrust her hand through her stomach

    There better not be a love triangle either. I dont want ANY Gwyneth/Tony/Johanson love bullshit… Its all about Gwyneth and only Gwyneth, not that slut.

    I also want Gwyneth putting her fist in that “Attack of the Show!” girls mouth, and shooting plasma causing her head to explode.
    Mainly because she poses a threat to Gwyneth in Ironman 2.
    Shes accepted by pathetic males as “attractive”
    Gwyneth doesnt let that shit role in her movies.
    I dont care how big her role is, i doubt its important, but Gwyn needs to do something about it.

    And thank you for posting these wonderful news Gareth.

  2. ZionAngel

    Hate to burst your bubble, but that isn’t from the movie. It’s from a May 2008 Vogue magazine shoot. It was very Iron Man-themed to help promote the movie. No Rescue in this one, I’m afraid.

  3. JAMES (hazmat)

    Im actually pissed now. It would have gotten GwynGwyn more screen time.


    Im going to post this on that **** My Life website.

    “My future wife, and mother of my future children, will be unable to show her godlike abilities to act, because selfish assholes like Scarlett Johanson wont let her have any screentime, thus meanng that ill see LESS of Gwennie in the Iron Man 2 movie. By the way, **** you John Favre….FML”

  4. Kristina

    Hazzy, from the reports I read about the IM2 footage from Comic-Con, she might not have a very big role here, or the studio didn’t care enough to showcase her in the footage since, aside from a brief moment in one clip, she was not shown.

    This, combined with RDJ saying in an interview that Tony hits rock bottom in the middle of the movie (and alcohol is not involed) leads me to seriously believe that Pepper bites it. RDJ has said that the movie is about the consequences of Stark telling the world that he’s Iron Man, on hin and his loved ones. I’m willing to bet that an enemy, maybe Whiplash, takes her out. What would bring Tony to rock bottom faster than Pepper being murdered on account of his arrogance?

  5. JAMES (hazmat)

    No…I refuse to believe this.

    Thats retarded…Pepper Potts better not die.

    Omg. My whole universe has been wrecked until this movie comes out.

    I dont think im ready to see Gwyn die in this not mentally fit for that…how am i supposed to CHIP with that thought in my head hunting me now??!

    No wonder Gwyneth has been in a pissed off mood! NOOO!

  6. JAMES (Hazmat)

    Too bad Gwyneth Kate Paltrow is irreplaceable. You cannot replace her, ScarJo is a ****ing slut. Period. If they replace Pepper Pots for Black Widow I will lose hope on all males on this planet. Seriously.

    Im seriously going to give this movie a ZERO if they kill Gwyneth. QUOTE ME! I will give it a ZERO, I dont care how good it is, i will ****ing give it a ZERO. F- !!!

    0% !!!!!!

    Actually ill give it a negative A for being ultra horrible…like…negative 100%….Z- !!! I mean it!

  7. JAMES (Hazmat)

    You really dont see me giving a horrible review to a movie because they KILLED Gwyneth Paltrow? Im sure by now thats very believable

  8. Kristina

    Oh Lord, I’m sorry for even speculating about this. Didn’t mean to cause you so much pain, Hazzy, but I really do think that she’s going to die. Then again, having her die would be a pretty heavy moment in a franchise like this, and they said they weren’t going to go dark like TDK, so she might survive. MIGHT.

    And I am SOOO sorry for the delays on my promised reviews, but it’s been a busy last few days. I’ve been helping my friend move into his new apartment and get his shit set up, so in the next few days, look forward to reviews of BRUNO, HP6, and a late treat: DRAG ME TO HELL!

  9. JAMES (Hazmat)

    No Im glad you told me, ive been doing mad research to see if shes going to die. I checked out the Comic Con pannel…AND SHE WASNT EVERN THERE. they didnt even mention her! Nooooo….its all making sense!

    Dont worry about it, all I can do now is obsess over it. Which I have. But…there’s 50 characters, why kill Gwyneth? Asswipes…

    I seriously want to see the HP6 review! lol

  10. Kristina

    Well Hazzy, Mickey Rourke wasn’t there either. The excuse was that they are both working on other movies and couldn’t make it, btu I have to say, the lack of Gwyneth in the footage is pretty puzzling considering how big of a role she had in the first one.

    But hey, watch the Iron Man 1 Comic-Con footage again. Gwyn was hardly there in that footage, but had plenty of screentime in the actual movie, so who knows?

  11. JAMES(hazmat)

    Wooooah you have the footage? POST IT! OMG i thought you where talking about the pannel

    In the video they just showed the questions and everytime there was a video they cut it off

    And I agree if it werent for Pepper hed be dead. Pepper Potts is the only female superhero girl that does soemthing, like, Tony Stark (in my opinion) is a pile of shit, and hes lucky to have Pepper wipe his ass 24/7…its lucky for him hes smart too…

  12. Kristina

    I don’t have the Iron Man 2 footage, unfortunately. I’m basing my comments on the reports I’ve read describing the footage in detail. I don’t think anyone has it, since I’ve been checking Youtube for it and no one has it uploaded. I’ve seen still images someone snapped on their phone of Rourke, Stark and Rhodey, and War Machine, but I wish they’d put it online. I don’t get why studios refuse to post their Comic-Con footage online and get some free publicity for their upcoming films.

  13. Phil Gee

    They don’t have to Kristina; that’s the only reason. Iron Man II is bulletproof. We’re all going to see it. They could tell us it’ll be out next week and we’re all there.

    Any time Comic Con footage gets released it’s with a marketing strategy behind it. As Fav’s himself said at this year’s panel, nobody gave a shit about Iron Man until they debuted the footage there two years ago and this year was just a treat for the folks at Comic Con. We’ll see it in November or December.

    I think Dorian Gray is out next month. That’ll keep you occupied until then I’m sure. ;)

  14. JAMES (hazmat)

    I want to chug all of GwynGwyns bath water.

    Phill Gee
    Yeah but they can still chose the path of NOT being total DICKS and throwing the people that are making them rich a goddamn bone. Why torture us? This is how theyre repaying us? If youre awesome to fans well watch your shit, just- LISTEN TO US. When will these muther****ing dumbases learn? I hate the Ironman cast and crew so ****ing much right now. (other then Gwyneth Kate Angel God Paltrow)

    Theyre litteraly proving that the movie Idiocracy was a real prediction from prophets and not just aother funny sitcom. That movie freaking scares the shit out of me now everytime i see people doing stupid shit, like what the ironman 2 cast/crew is doing now.

  15. Snaz

    First, we have learned that we will (supposedly) see Iron Maiden in IM2. I don’t know if they’ll just introduce her mild-mannered alter-ego or if we’ll actually see her suit up, but this could be telling. If she suits up, then Stark has been messing with female suits and building one for Pepper would be no big deal. Second it means that they are actually willing to show a woman in one of these suits, which kind of surprises me (doesn’t America like women in leather in Marvel movies, not women in master-chief-style wearable tanks? Just a thought). Iron Man 2 will make a shit-ton of money. No question about that. So it will probably go to a third installment, at least. There are plenty of places they could go with that, but hopefully they’ll give us Rescue.

    Also, I read about Tony hitting ‘rock bottom’ and I though that a. everyone starts hating him and his poor, fragile little ego can’t take it, or b. Pepper gets hurt. Are we forgetting why it is that Pepper can wear a suit in the comic? She suffered some injury or other and they had to put a reactor in her chest to keep her alive, like with Tony. Ergo… Pepper gets shot in the chest, go-go mini-reactor! It’s the next logical step for Tony to build her a suit.

  16. Alchemist5

    Err, it’s not ‘Master-chief-style’.
    Iron man came first, so really, master chief is wearing “iron man style” armor.
    I make the distinction because Iron man is the one good thing marvel’s ever done, and Halo is a lame fad.

    Just sayin’.

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