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HITMAN sex scene!


not-that-hot.jpgYou know a movie is getting desperate for your attention when it turns to a tired tradition:  leaking salacious footage online to try and titillate the target audience.  Basic Instinct 2 pulled this same stunt, but the viewers saw through that desperation ploy and stayed away from that flick in droves.  Now, it’s Hitman‘s turn.  I’m interested in seeing this movie for the sheer fact that my cousin Ryan is OBSESSED with this game and has already bought our tickets to the movie(the guy says he’s dressing as 47 when we go see it.  Pray he’s just screwing with me), but the move to leak a not-even-hot sex scene onto Youtube a few days before the film’s release is a red flag to me that this flick might not be very good.  Take a look, but there’s a topless female, so don’t open this at work.

Christ, this just feels AWKWARD to watch.  Like a virgin having sex for the first time.  Wait, has 47 ever had sex?  So he is a virgin?  So this makes some sense? Oh.

2 thoughts on “HITMAN sex scene!

  1. Wyverex

    “This is a very bad idea.”

    You got that right, Agent 47! :lol:

    Seriously, that is a very bad sex scene. Oh well, let’s hope they concentrated more on the assassination side of it, eh!

    Oh, and as for your cousin Kris, at least if he’s going dressed as Agent 47 he’ll only be wearing a suit. Just imagine if it was Super Mario Bros and he was going dressed as Mario or Luigi! :lol: :mrgreen:

  2. jerrick

    I saw it and it was awful…. what were they doing dry humping then maliciously stabbing each other in the neks? hahaha and i agree with the dressing like 47!!

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