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Now this is interesting, and if it turns out to be true I might be forced to change my opinion of Cloverfield from being a “I’ll watch it eventually” to “I wanna see this now!”. Over on the blog of Heroes producer/director Greg Beeman there are a set of photos of the cast members of the show holding Slusho cups. Slusho, of course, is the mysterious drink that is in some way connected to Cloverfield. So does this mean that Heroes is going to be in some way connected to Cloverfield as well? Greg Beeman has the photos in a “don’t ask/don’t tell” category but apparently “their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!”

Claire with Slusho

Hmmmm, interesting. Could this be a sneaky way for Tim Kring to get a Heroes movie on the go? None of the credited cast for Cloverfield have any link to Heroes, just like the Heroes cast doesn’t have a link to Cloverfield but maybe, just maybe, they have managed to keep this completely underwraps.

Or maybe J.J Abrams and Tim Kring are just screwing with our minds. ;)

Head on over to Greg Beeman’s blog for more photos but be very careful as there are MAJOR spoilers for last nights Season 2 episode. So please be careful while scrolling down the page if you don’t want to know. (I didn’t want to know, but I wasn’t quick enough with my scrolling! Waah!!! Best advice? Scroll to the bottom of the page with your eyes closed and then work your way back up. Trust me, it’s pretty major!).

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  1. Kristina

    The hype machine around this movie is getting on my godamn nerves now. Just release the damn thing so we can see if there is anything to the fervor surrounding this movie. I really don’t give a shit about seeing Hayden Pantyhair holding a damn cup.

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