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EW WATCHMEN Coverage And New Pics!


So it looks like I’m in danger of turning the site into a Watchmen fanzine – but I don’t care! have published an “exclusive first look” at the movie that includes interviews with Zack Snyder and others and covers the problems of bringing it to the big screen and it’s well worth a look, if only to check out the six brand new images they are proudly showing off as well! Two of which might well give little shivers to people familiar with the comic – and if you’re wondering I’m on about the Comedian ones (one of which you can see below).

Still not convinced to give it a look? Well, check out this little snippet from early on in the article and see if it gets your attention:

”In my movie, Superman doesn’t care about humanity, Batman can’t get it up, and the bad guy wants world peace,” Snyder says with a smirk. ”Will Watchmen be the end of superhero movies? Probably not. But it sure will kick them in the gut.”

Now that sounds like what I’m hoping to see on the cinema next year!

And something else I learned from this article – Zack Snyder is not only a fan of the original comic book but he was also of the school of thought that it shouldn’t, or couldn’t, be transferred to film. Interesting. Let’s just hope he pulls it off.

Click here to read the full article.

And if you head on over to the official movie website they have updated it with new images, desktop wallpapers and synopsis’ etc.

9 thoughts on “EW WATCHMEN Coverage And New Pics!

  1. Wesley Willis

    Really, REALLY looking forward to this but two things stand out from this article that worry me.

    1. “The catastrophic climax is different.” Hurm…
    2. Ozymandias looks like he is about 14 in the photo on the last page of the article.

    Aaron Eckhart or someone similar with a strong jawline and height to match would have been better in this role. But, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until some footage leaks (hopefully from Comic-Con this week).

  2. Gazz

    I really can’t see Eckhart lowering himself to play an Osbourne to be honest. That family needs shot to death anyway. Money grabbing scumbags that they are!


    This joke is shit?

    Okay! Sorry!

  3. Grundy

    Jeffery Dean Morgan is a really good actor, but man most of the roles he tends to get his characters end up dying, and Watchmen keeps that train going.

  4. Gareth Post author

    I agree about Ozy…….sometimes he does look wrong, but I didn’t have a problem with him in the teaser so hopefully he’ll work in the movie. As for the cataclysm at the end, I can see why they might feel the need to change it, but as long as it works in the story, and isn’t a huge change it should be ok! Yes, I have faith that this will rock. J ust like I did with Hellboy. Hopefully I’ll be just as correct about Watchmen but rest assured, if it does suck then I’ll be the first to admit it – but I don’t think it will. Hopefully. ;)

  5. Grundy

    All I know is there is no squid, so what it’s been changed to is the question.

    With Ozy, I think he needs to look like a pretty boy, so think Goode was a pretty good choice. Eckhart while great, has a bit too much gruff to him to be Ozy.

  6. Wesley Willis

    Good point. Grundy. Rorschach does question his sexuality, after all.

    As long as they replace the squid with something even more terrifying I’ll be OK with the change. But I really hope they do not change the reason for it showing up.

    ***Warning: 22 year old spoiler***

    (I.E. an inter-dimensional alien invasion).

    ***End 22 year old spoiler***

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