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*UPDATED *AGAIN!** Christian Bale Goes OFF On T4 Set!


bale31UPDATE 1: Another exclusive audio clip has surfaced of Bale in yet ANOTHER profanity-laced tirade.  This contains foul, FOUL language and is NSFW(not safe for work)!  UPDATE 2: Bale’s apology! Look, I know we aren’t a gossip site.  I understand completely, but this just irks the crap out of me.  TMZ has audio of Bale belittling, swearing at, and basically humiliating the DP of Terminator 4 because the guy had the nerve to walk, not into the shot itself, but into Bale’s eyeline.  Heaven forbid something is in your eyeline.  A professional focuses on the shot, outside distractions be damned.  Maybe I’m overreacting, but you listen to this and tell me how this is professional behavior.  Tell me how any director would allow an actor to throw a tantrum like this, and nearly assault the DP (there’s a point in the audio where you can hear Bale rush the DP in an attack until crew members stop him).  Am I way off here?

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  1. Grundy

    It’s kinda funny, Bale slipping in and out of his accent. But that’s just the way shit goes on movie sets sometimes.



    i agree with grundy 100% here…thats got to be the funniest thing ive ever heard…oh man..

    “no HE doesnt get it!”

    woah…maybe the other guy did something to him earlier? or bales just a frieken douche….

    and this video officially means that when i say the F word in this web site it wont be all *******


  3. Phil Gee

    I clicked on this thinking it might be a fantastic fake but nobody could imitate Bale’s muddled accent that well. He obviously loves the way ‘Saaaaaaaath Londoners’ say ‘Faaaackin Faaaaaaack’.

    I’m not gonna judge him. I know very well how 99 bad things can piss you off in one day and when it hits 100, you can just explode (however wrong it may be).

    I do know one thing though.

    McG is a pussy :p

  4. Phil Gee

    Btw Kristina, you’re the only writer I’ve read so far talking about this who didn’t use the word ‘meltdown’.

    Well done on being original.


    xD lmfao

    thanx kris…well im googling it to see if i can get a clue…but all websites have it the same way its here…

    btw when you google it…theres like 1000 websites talking about it already…

    im sending the links to my friends

    but…do those guys have no BALLS? why did no one stand up to him and tell him “HEY! jerkoff! it was an accident! stop being a bitch and get over it! youre overreacting! were grown men, dont yell at us, were not your mom! **** YOU!”
    why were they all being such pansies? my gosh…

  6. Gazz

    It’s a real nasty form of bullying, I’ll give you that much.

    Hazzy. I have it as an MP3 as a result of doing the following.

    1. Sending it to my friends as a link in Hotmail.

    2. Going to the sent folders, opening the email I just sent, clicking the link and chosing “open”.

    3. It opened with my Itunes.

    4. Change the track info.

    5. It’s then in your Itunes library as an Mp3.

    That’s how I did it anyway!


    sorry for the quintuple comment but

    i hope this is not how he talked to his mom and sister…if its your brother or dad, fine. but not your sister or mom. bad thing is, im sure thats how it went down, and thats not fair, a 6 feet tall dude thats big enough to play batman to yell like that to his mom (or any chick really) deserves nothing but a can of whoop ass from a random bystander who was watching

  8. Kristina

    This incident occured a couple of days before Mommygate, which lends extra credence to the validity of that whole verbal assault thing. Bale isn’t known as a particularly warm fellow to begin with. He always seems pissed and surly during interviews, like he’s too good to be there or something. I don’t know the dude, but based on this incident and Mommygate, I think somebody has some anger issues.

  9. kevin akers

    Christian Bale is one of the best actors of his genaration. He is by far the best Batman ever The Dark Knight was out of this world. If he can do to Terminator what he did to Batman we are all in for a movie treat again. He takes pride in his work and he is human. People blow there top every day he has the same right.Im proud of you Christian keep up the great work hope you and Chris Nolan bring us a Batman 3. Dont take any shit mate your the man

  10. kevin akers

    Christian Bale is one of the best actors of his genaration. He is by far the best Batman ever The Dark Knight was out of this world. If he can do to Terminator what he did to Batman we are all in for a movie treat again. He takes pride in his work and he is human. People blow there top every day he has the same right.Im proud of you Christian keep up the great work hope you and Chris Nolan bring us a Batman 3. Dont take any shit

  11. HAZMAT

    just because youre a good actor doesnt mean you can hit women and talk down to others

    that goes to you too russel crowe

    and OJ…maybe…

  12. kevin akers

    everybodys quick to judge people cos they get paid alot of money and there in the public eye chritian bale and russel crowe dont get a chance to defend themselves they are just torn apart by everybody after. the public dosnt have the right to pass judgement we dont have all the facts and we were not there. there is to sides to every tale. there only human everybody should butt out of there lifes and leave them alone. not one of you arm chair judges would say it to there faces. get a life

  13. Nomis

    Though Kevin makes a good point that we shouldn’t judge people without all the facts, this is far more than simply flying off the handle. It was sustained aggressive nastiness and if all the guy did was walk across his line of sight then Bale needs a reality check. He doesn’t risk his life or save others, he acts in films. Very talented (the dodgy cough-inducing voice in TDK aside) he may be, but if this is anything to go by a right twat as well.

  14. Gazz

    To say we have “another” audio clip of “another” outburst by Bale is a little misleading when we’re only linking to a ‘dance remix’ [although a very enjoyable and well done one at that] of the original. Hmmmm…

    Maybe I’m just being bitter because the site is littered with interest for this semi-interesting, but a little purile piece of nearly-non-news yet none of you seem that interested in something positive and totally movie related like, say, I dunno, the Stale Popcorn PODCAST?!?!?

    Available now! :mrgreen: ;) :p

  15. kevin akers

    The dodgy cough inducing voice in The Dark Knight you passed coment on has a clear explanation to any Batman fans. Micheal Keaton, Val Killmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale have all change there voice from Bruice Wayne to Batman for one simple reason we all understand. If Batman spoke in the same voice as Mr Wayne the everybody would know he was Batman. It speaks for itself ha ha ha

  16. Gareth

    Yes, it does, Kevin. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it sound any better! Personally, I would have preferred if he had some kind of gadget to scramble his voice rather than sound like he does in the movie, but thats a minor quible!

    As for this audio file, to be honest I’ve stayed quiet on the subject. Mainly because I have the feeling that it’s all been taken out of context! From some of the sites I’ve read today, it appears that the DP had screwed up a number of takes and Bale, in the moment and in character completely, just blew his stack when the guy distracted him. Over-reaction? Maybe, but if you can honestly tell me you have never over-reacted to something in your life and gone off at someone a little too much then I would find it hard to believe you!

    To be honest with you, I really don’t think that this deserves all the cover it’s getting. Is it going to stop you watching this or any other movie that Christian Bale stars in? No, didn’t think so.

  17. Gazz

    I agree with you about the amount of coverage this is getting mate. I think for our podcast next month I’m just going to invite a homeless person round and berate him for four minutes! Maybe we might shift some focus our way then eh? ;) ;)

  18. Gareth

    Sounds like a plan to me!

    It’s just stupid, I mean everyone knows that Bale is a very intense person, and he tries to totally become the character he is playing. It’s part of what makes him such a good actor. But if he is that involved, and he is meant to be acting a particularly emotional scene and someone keeps screwing it up for him (either directly or in-directly) then is it any wonder that he lost it?

    Aw hell, now I’m devoting too much of my time to this one! I’m going somewhere else! I reckon everyone should go to the Saturday 3 Way post or the New Frontiersman/Watchmen one! ;)

  19. coffee

    I honestly can’t blame him for blowing up, he’s just trying to get the ****ing scene done right

  20. Kristina

    Gazz babe, I made the update misleading on purpose. Mommy was making a funny :D

    And no, it’s not the first time that someone has gone off, but the LENGTH of the tirade and the fact that no one (lookin’ at you, McG) steps in and says, “Hey dude, chillax!” is what baffles me most of all.

  21. Gazz

    McG is a total pussy.

    McG: “We have James Cameron’s blessing!”

    CAMERON: “No you don’t!”

    McG: “We don’t have James Cameron’s blessing!”

    Sorry I missed the “funny” but please, no “Mommy” stuff, you’re killing me for wanking over thoughts of you in future when you do that stuff. ;)

  22. Kristina

    Okay, no more Mommy!

    And take a listen to his apology. It sounds sincere until he launches into a promo for T4.


  23. Phil Gee


    Awwwwwwww, awwwwwwwwww……

    ….awwwwwwwwwww, that was a pretty sincere apology I think. To be honest, the whole thing was going to blow over by next week anyway (I know I’m sick of hearing about it) even if he didn’t apologise. But he did a good job of it.

    The only one looking like an idiot now is Harry Knowles for suggesting that this type of behaviour is at all acceptable and that AICN is beneath reporting that type of thing……and for one of the worst written articles I’ve ever read.

  24. hazmat

    i hate it when actors blame their behavior on the characters they were playing.
    i absolutely HATED it when people said that heath ledger killed himself because the joker was getting to him…and bale acting in a crazy scene is also no excuse in my opinion

    he said it was never even close to getting physical…what about the time he said he was going to kick his ****ing ass and we all heard him slap a chair out of the way and the people say “woah! christian calm down!”

    although that seemed like a good apology…maybe the guys nuts..who cares, he sounded pretty sincere..but the reasons he gave us werent true..he just popped on the guy and now he regrets it, thats it. he didnt act that way because of the scene, and yes, he WAS about to kick the guys ass…anyone could tell that. whatever this happened 7 months ago…and theyre grown men theyre obviously over it

    “We have James Cameron’s blessing!”
    “No you don’t!”
    “We don’t have James Cameron’s blessing!”
    hahaha! xD

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