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Finally! Farscape: The Definitive Collection Comes To Region 2 DVD!


I have just received a press release regarding the forthcoming Region 2 DVD release of a boxset that I have been waiting for for….well, it feels like forever!

One of the best science-fictions series ever is finally getting the Region 2 DVD release it deserves as, on the 15th of November the Farscape: The Definitive Collection will be hitting the shelves – a whopping 32 disc boxset that contains all 88 episodes of the four seasons of this epic sci-fi show from the mind of Jim Henson – and also includes over 15 hours of bonus features & the Farscape: The PeaceKeeper Wars mini series that ended the series.

For a fan of the show like me, who missed out on buying the DVD’s when they were originally released, this is a dream come true as I have been desperate to get my hands on this series once again!

It’s been showing on the FX TV channel here in the UK recently, & I have to say it has aged incredibly well & is just as great as I remember it.

Here’s the official press release:

FARSCAPE™: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION from A&E™ is a fan’s dream; all 88 episodes of all four seasons of the classic sci-fi show in one stunning box set, not to mention over 15 hours of bonus features including two disc mini-series THE PEACEKEEPER WARS and rarely-seen special FARSCAPE UNDRESSED.

FARSCAPE follows the adventures of astronaut John Crichton, flung through a wormhole to a far off galaxy while testing a prototype spaceship. Plunged into the midst of a battle, he is rescued by Moya, a living craft crewed by a motley group of escaping alien prisoners being hunted by the fiercely militaristic Peacekeepers.

Featuring mind-blowing sci-fi action, superb storytelling, great special effects and character designs by The Jim Henson Company, FARSCAPE has stood the test of time as a landmark science fiction series. Prepare for the adventure of a lifetime with Moya’s crew – likeable hero John Crichton; renegade Peacekeeper Aeryn Sun; short-tempered warrior Ka D’Argo; psychic priestess Zhaan; mercurial thief Chiana and deposed monarch Dominar Rygel XVI.

* FARSCAPE: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION features all four series of the classic sci-fi show – 88 episodes – in one special collector’s edition.

* More than 15 hours of bonus material including the rarely-seen special FARSCAPE UNDRESSED as well as episode commentaries, behind-the-scenes interviews, deleted scenes and much, much more.

* Bonus 2-disc miniseries FARSCAPE: THE PEACEKEEPER WARS in which our heroes find themselves in the middle of a war-to-end-all-wars.

So set the date in your diaries. The 15th of November is when this fantastic boxset will be released, and it’s yours for £99.99, which when you think how much you get & how fantastic it was, is an absolute steal!

Personally, I cannot wait.

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