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THE SATURDAY NIGHT 3-WAY #4: The Pop-cast!

Three Friends! Three Films! Three Opinions! Some Booze!

“… It’s Sex For Your Ears!”

For those unfamiliar with the concept of what our little three-tier geekism is all about, essentially once a month me and my good friends Chris and Fox are going to get together, put on a triple bill of movies (both old and sometimes new), sometimes very loosely themed, get drunk, heckle each other, enjoy what the film’s have to offer us and then just chat on about the films in question… sharing the experience with you. We throw in some original trailer links etc. to get you in the general vibe of what we’re indulging in too! All by way of a FREE, just-click-the-play-button PODCAST just for you! Yes, you!

If you’re coming to this ‘fresh’ then you can check out the first two written Saturday Night 3-Ways by clicking here and here. And you can indulge in January’s DEBUT of the podcast by clicking here. This month we’re looking at so-bad-that-they’re-actually-thoroughly-enjoyable sporting underdog movies! And taking on board some people’s suggestions that we think about a more “lengthier” show, we’re back with a show that is THREE times the size of last time and then some! 

Frequent, casual bad language and – well – the very prescence of Fox obligates us to point out that this is a NOT SAFE FOR WORK listening experience and, also, Stale Popcorn Legal Bods have advised us to point out that all views expressed within this podcast are those of the individual expressing them and are no way to be considered the general views of the website hosting this podcast or anyone affiliated with it.

As I try and explain in the podcast itself, so-bad-that-they’re-actually-thoroughly-enjoyable sporting underdog movies are, for me, the post-pub equvilent of what dispensible slasher movies are to some people. They have a fixed, unoriginal template to follow. They’re utterly cliched. Very rarely well performed but there’s always an attempt to execute the stereotypical “feel good factor” whilst drowning in a cheesy musical soundtrack. They’re a separate beast to the sporting underdog movies, like Miracle or Best Shot (aka Hoosiers) or Major League or The Karate Kid or the Rocky movies etc. whereby these films are actually well-made, well-intended and stand up to scrutiny. This time out I’m throwing down some movies which are the sporting underdog equivilents of The Burning or Sleepaway Camp in comparison to the majesty of the sporting underdog versions of Rocky or Miracle. You with me? Right…

In this month’s Stale Popcorn podcast, you can join us in……… *deep breath* pushing to find which male movie star “does it” for our intrepid 3-Wayers, arguing over who is better – The A-Team or Magnum PI, using The Saturday Night 3-Way podcast as a force of good by trying to arrange a meeting between Kate and Gerry McCann and Liam Neeson, paying mention to the atrocity that is Soul Man, debating the best male-on-male insult to use when bare-chested and oiled up, questioning the merits of Air Supply, discussing the size of one participant’s grandma’s vagina, arguing about the upcoming A-Team and Bubba Ho-Tep 2 movie projects, experiencing the horror of Gazz’s drunken incompetent falsetto version of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, studying the size of Gregory Harrison’s forehead, struggling for a final thought, paying brief mention to Kristina’s pants-moisturising love of Hugh Jackman, coming to understand that black people are nice and white people are evil, looking for Nia Peeples nipples, attacking C. Thomas Howell in a non-libellous manner and… and… there’s surfing and… and… a free Cheap Trick song included… and… and… volleyball and… and… underground illegal boxing circuits and much, much, much, much, much more.

It’s 1 hour 33 minutes and 39 seconds of verbalised, comedy-soaked movie-geek goodness!

Right… It’s probably advised that you check out the trailers for the selection we’re discussing, which are included below, before you delve into the podcast but other then that… Let’s crack on eh?


northshoreNORTH SHORE (1987)

Dir: William Phelps

Scr: Randal Kleiser / Tim McCanlies

(Click here for the original trailer)

Plot: Before entering art school next autumn, Rick sets out to spend the summer surfing at Hawaii. He knows nothing about the local habits, what causes him some problems, but by chance he gets a room in the house of local surfing guru Chandler. He teaches him the difference between ‘soul surfers’ and those who surf for fame and money.


sideoutSIDE-OUT (1990)

Dir: Peter Israelson

Scr: David Thoreau

(Click here for the original trailer)

Plot: A Midwestern law student comes to California for summer work with his uncle but instead, hangs out at the beach and chases waitresses. When he meets a washed-up volleyball champion turned self-proclaimed “King of the Beach”, the duo decide to team up for the biggest championship volleyball tournament of the year.


gladiatorGLADIATOR (1992)

Dir: Rowdy Herrington

Scr: Djordje Milicevic / Robert Mark Kamen

(Click here for the original trailer)

Plot: A story of two teenagers trapped in the world of illegal underground boxing. One is fighting to save his fathers life and using the money to pay off gambling debts accumulated by his dad with local gangsters. The second is fighting for the money to get out of the ghettos. While being exploited by a boxing promoter the two teens become friends.



NB: Check out the trailer for North Shore. You know the “voice-over guy” that breaks in at the 16 second mark? Does anyone else get a whole nostalgic buzz when they hear him specifically? I know I do. They should have him in more trailers these days! If he’s still alive, I guess. Ha Ha

NB#2: Check out this very badly done fan-edit trailer, turning the already thoroughly homoerotic Side-Out into a gay love story called Out.

NB#3: Mutant Vampire Zombies From The Hood? Well, it turns out that it does exist after all – so well done Chris, sir. Here is the trailer.

NB# 4: By extremely quick request, here is the trailer for that “killer elevator” movie starring James Marshall and Naomi Watts. How can you NOT be interested in a movie written by someone called ‘Dick Maas’?

Leave us some feedback in the Comments Area below if you like – fire away with any questions, topics of conversation etc you’d like us to try and work in on the next one, coming in March… With (maybe) a special mini-Watchmen edition coming in between the regular “3-Ways”!

Anyway, see you next month for more of the same… and then some!

16 thoughts on “THE SATURDAY NIGHT 3-WAY #4: The Pop-cast!

  1. KJ

    Can I offer a suggestion for the next Saturday night 3-way reviews:

    1. Grease 2
    2. Dirty Dancing
    3. The Sound of Music

    I feel you need to appeal to all of your listeners.


  2. Gazz Post author

    Yup, I think I’ll leave it to Chris or Fox to respond to that one. Over to you boys….. 8)

  3. Gareth

    For-seeing the possible outburst…..let me pre-empt it by saying:

    KJ, while I do think it would be quite funny to hear the three guys opinions on those “movies” you mentioned, I do have a couple of points to make:

    1) I honestly don’t think that actual fans of those three movies would enjoy any kind of review done in the Saturday 3 Way
    2) I cannot afford the legal bills!

    So, I think that’s going to be a no. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  4. Gazz Post author

    A “bad sequels to great chick flicks” 3-Way could work don’t you think?



    And by the way, The Saturday Night 3-Way wouldn’t affect the legal standing of Stale Popcorn. Trust me. I spent long enough on the phone with Larry Cohen’s attorneys to know this.

    God help the next few weeks when I have to go through the same thing with Avril Lavigne’s lawyers! And I brought that one upon myself! :roll:

  5. Foxx

    Wow, I think the listener’s are trying to wind me up now lol Grease (I will go mental at this as I can’t stand it what so ever) Dirty Dancing, this happens to be my girlfriend’s favourite movie and I have seen this enough.

    Hopefully if these films of mine arrive from Japan and Korea the next 3 way will be of me laughing so hard I will pass out, Gazz puking everywhere and I don’t know how Chris will handle it :P

  6. Gazz Post author

    Well, the NEXT one will be the “comedy pilot special”, but the one AFTER that will most probably be yours – which, admittedly, I am not looking forward to… but you did get through NORTH SHORE and SIDE-OUT so a deal is a deal. I will sit through whatever you put in front of me 8)

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  8. Gazz

    Yeah Kris, the WATCHMEN mini-cast is tenatively planned. It depends on whether we can get an early look at it as Fox is busy around the time it is released.

    The next definite one is a “special edition” involving the cast of my comedy pilot chatting about the movies that influenced the writing of it. That should be a whole heap of fun!

    Did you like your mention? … Or did you not listen to the whole thing? ;)

  9. Foxx

    It’s a shame I can’t make the Watchmen Pod-Cast unless we meet up a few days after release. I am gonna go mental at this and go 100% fanboy on it lol

    From what I have heard what they did to the story and the fact they changed the whole ending to Dr Manhatten instead of Squid I am gonna end up beating people with the seats from the cinema.

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